Labour Law

Through its specialized Labour Law department, Trevisioli Advogados Associados provides a modern and dynamic legal consultancy to solve doubts and questions of employees, employers and service providers. The department acts efficiently on solving disputes and also in a preventive manner, advising on the elaboration of internal Policies and Programs that are essential to many resources department, specific strategic planning of remuneration and benefits; and in collective negotiation with professional entities, pointing with honesty and responsibility the risks and legal bases of the legal strategies chosen in partnership with clients. The Labour Law department acts on procedures that are ruled by Ministério Público do Trabalho, and also on fiscalization and negotiations actions with Gerências e Superintendências Regionais do Trabalho, and it is responsible for the analyses of the labour aspects that are present in contracts, in a multidisciplinary work, simulating news deals and preventing about their risks.


CLT – Employee – Employer – Corporate – Employment Relationship – Outsourcing – Reconciliation – Severance Funds – Just Cause – Moral Harassment – Indemnity – Previous Notice – Stability – Collective Labour Convention – Provision of Services – Inspection – Trade Union – Strike – PLR (Profit Sharing) – Gratifications – Collective Negotiation – Internal Policies


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